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ComplianceThere must be a group of competition, because the ability of a single person is limited.
There must be a group of division of labor, there are divisions of discipline, discipline must be obedient.
Small bureau to take the overall situation, immediate obedience to the future, the individual obey the whole, corporate interests higher than the interests of the sector, the interests of the department is higher than personal interests.

LoyaltyLoyal to the enterprise, faithful to their own career, love their own work, loyal to the country, national interests.

Diligence"Industry skilled in the ground, and destroyed in the inertia." Talented people if it is not hard work is nothing; qualitative fool if people are hard enough to eat.
"Qin can be clumsy, thrifty can be honest." To study hard, work hard, in order to achieve business goals, life value of life and hard work, endless life, more than struggle.

SightLooking ahead, the vision of scientific and technological progress, the vision of social development.

CourageThe spirit of devotion. Careers never satisfied with the pursuit of strict self-discipline, wide to treat people's tolerance, not afraid of people, dare to be the first enterprising spirit.

WillpowerPerseverance, the spirit of hard work, difficulties in front of not back down, not proud in front of victory, gregarious, optimistic and open-minded, honest selfless demeanor.

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