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Circuit modification sequence

Update:31 Oct 2017

     Positioning First of all, according to your use of […]

First of all, according to your use of electricity for circuit positioning, for example, where to switch, where to the socket, where the lights and other requirements, the electrician will be based on your request for positioning.
After the completion of the positioning, the electrician according to the positioning and circuit direction, open the wiring slot, the line slot is very particular about the horizontal and vertical, but the practice of norms, not allowed to open the horizontal groove, because it will affect the wall of tolerance.
Wiring is generally used in the way of tube buried. There are two kinds of cold tube and PVC pipe, cold bending tube can be bent without breaking, is the best choice for wiring, because it is a corner of the arc, the line can be replaced at any time, without opening the wall.
Cold bending tube to use the elbow tool, the curvature should be 10 times the diameter of the tube, so threading or stitches in order to smooth.


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