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Switch panel, outlet selection and installation requirements

Update:21 Nov 2017

The size of the panel should be consistent with the siz […]

The size of the panel should be consistent with the size of the embedded junction box; smooth surface, obvious brand logo, logo of the Great Wall with security signs and national electrical safety certification; switch open, feel flexible, solid copper, copper have a certain thickness; Panel materials should be flame retardant and robust; switch height is generally 1200 to 1350 mm, 150-200 mm from the door frame along the door, the socket height is generally 200 to 300 mm.

Switch socket security or not, which is connected with the internal wire has a great relationship. At present, the most advanced connection is the speed of the terminal structure. This structure is simple to connect, simply plug the wire into the terminal, the connection is completed, but the wiring state is uniform and firm, even if hanging a bowling ball, the connection will not fall off. Live parts are not exposed, so there is no danger of electric shock during construction.

With a protective door device is also an example of switch socket design safety. In life, young children often have their fingers or other objects in their sockets for being naughty and curious, resulting in many casualties. For this purpose, two self-slide plates are installed in the socket jacks. Only when the plug is inserted, the slide plate slides to both sides to expose the jacks. When the plug is pulled out, the slide plates are closed and the jacks are blocked to prevent the above Accident happened.

Also designed for the kitchen and toilet switch socket installed in the panel splash water box or plastic baffle, effectively prevent oil and water intrusion, extend the service life, to prevent short circuit caused by moisture.


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