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Ten important matters of attention in the installation of cable

Update:03 Jan 2018

    1,6kv and above cable connector. A, The installatio […]

    1,6kv and above cable connector.
A, The installation of cable terminal head, the shield must be stripped semiconductive, operation shall not damage the insulation, should avoid the marks and uneven, if necessary sandpaper polished; shield the end should be smooth, and to graphite Layer (carbon particles) clean.
B, Plastic insulated cable end copper shield and steel armor must be well grounded, for short lines should also follow this principle, to avoid three-phase unbalanced operation of the end of steel armor induced electromotive force, or even "sparking" and the combustion sheath Other accidents. The first branch of Tianjin Cable Plant Cable Factory should use tinned braided copper wire grounding, copper cable and cable connection soldering iron soldering should not be used torch seal, in order to avoid burning insulation.
C, Three-phase copper shield should be connected with the ground respectively, pay attention to the shield ground wire and steel armor ground wire should be led separately, mutual insulation, welding ground wire position should be as low as possible.
2, The cable end and the middle of the basic requirements of the connector: a conductor connection is good; b. Insulation is reliable, it is recommended to use radiation cross-linked heat shrinkable silicone rubber insulation material; c seal is good; d sufficient mechanical strength, Can adapt to various operating conditions.
3, The cable end must be waterproof, and other corrosive erosion of materials to prevent water tree caused by insulation aging caused breakdown.
4, The cable handling must be used crane or forklift, prohibit the flat, flat, large cable installation must use the cable car, so as to avoid damage to the cable by external forces or by manual drag and scratch the insulation.
5, If the cable can not be laid in time for some reason, it should be stored in a dry place to prevent sunlight exposure, cable ends and other water.
6, Mine cable and heat pipe parallel installation should maintain the distance of 2m, cross should be maintained 0.5m.
7, cables and other pipes parallel or cross-installation must maintain a distance of 0.5m.
8, Direct buried cable installation, 1-35kV cable buried depth of not less than 0.7m.
9,10 kV and below the parallel installation of parallel cable spacing not less than 0.1m, 10-35kV not less than 0.25m, cross-time distance of not less than 0.5m.
10, The minimum bending radius of the cable, multi-core cable not less than 15D, single-core cable not less than 20D (D is the cable diameter).


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