How to find the leakage place of fireproof cable easily and quickly?


With the rapid development of industrialization, firepr […]

With the rapid development of industrialization, fireproof cables are widely used in various fields of production and life. Since special cables are generally buried in the ground, once a failure occurs, how to easily and quickly find the fault point of the leakage and restore the power supply as soon as possible has become an urgent problem to be solved.

1. There are several effective ways to find out the leakage of fireproof cable easily and quickly:

1. Check along the cable, find the damaged location of the cable, and repair the exposed place

2. Exchange the exposed battery core wire and the grounded core wire to make the cable use normally

3. According to the principle of potential drop, find out the approximate location of electrical leakage.

4. Using the step voltage method, the Baoshuntong cable fault detection center adds a special signal to the power cable. When the power cable leaks to the ground, it will produce a strong to weak directional electric field gradient around the fault point on the ground. The amplitude and direction of the signal can be measured by using Baoshuntong cable fault measurement equipment along the cable path. Before and after the fault point, the direction pointed by the galvanometer pointer is opposite to find the fault point of the cable and achieve the purpose of precise positioning.

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