What are the benefits of fiber optic cabling?


1. Longer distance-Because of the low attenuation (sign […]

1. Longer distance-Because of the low attenuation (signal loss) rate, the signal transmitted through the optical cable can be 50 times longer than the signal transmitted using copper wire, without the need for a signal repeater to maintain the signal over a long distance like copper wire What about integrity cables?
2. Intrusion prevention-Using copper wire cable system, you can remotely detect the signal broadcast through the cable, which may bring unnecessary security vulnerabilities. This is not a problem with optical cables, because the dielectric properties of optical cables make remote detection impossible, and physical access is required to gain access to the optical cable itself, and this interference is easily hampered by well-placed surveillance systems.
3. Installation improvement-Compared with copper cable, the length of the optical cable is longer, the diameter is smaller, and the weight is lighter, making installation and upgrade easier and lower cost.
4. Higher bandwidth and data transmission rate-As the bandwidth increases, more data can be transmitted at a faster speed. This reduces download time and improves network efficiency
5. EMI immunity-The optical cable can be installed in areas with high electromagnetic interference (EMI), because there is no metal wiring, so that the cable is completely immune to EMI

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