How do you choose wires when you are in the process of home renovation?


Wire raw materials are indispensable basic decorative b […]

Wire raw materials are indispensable basic decorative building materials in home decoration. They are the key content in the whole process of interior decoration. Whether the quality of the selected wires is clear or not is related to the safe use of electricity at home in the future.
Look at the color of copper
The copper core of the qualified copper core wire should be purple-red, shiny and soft to the touch. The counterfeit and inferior copper-copper core cables are purple-black, reddish or white.
Look at insulating rubber
The insulation layer of counterfeit and shoddy wires seems to be very strong. In fact, most of them are made of recycled plastics. If they are extruded a little bit harder, the extruded part will become milky white with a powdery drop.
Look at the net weight of the wire
Cost-effective wires are generally within the net weight range. For example, a common plastic insulated single-strand copper-copper core cable with a cross-section of 1.5mm2 has a net weight of 1.8-1.9kg per 100m.
Look at the wire core size
The number of cores generally refers to the cable. It specifically refers to the two transmission lines that are insulated from each other inside the insulation skin. There are two that are several cores. If there is no insulation between each other, how many are counted as one core .
Check wire specifications
In the relevant limits, the deviation of the length of the wire cannot exceed 2%, and the cross-sectional wire diameter cannot exceed 0.02%. However, there are many situations in the sales market that are short and short in length and practice favoritism in the cross section.

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