What are the causes of accidents when cables catch fire and explode?


Cables have the probability of catching fire and explod […]

Cables have the probability of catching fire and exploding. There are the following reasons that cause wires and cables to catch fire and explode. You must carefully read and remember these points to prevent unnecessary casualties by your side. As long as you pay attention to the loss, many accidents caused by cable fire and explosion can actually be avoided.

Thermal breakdown of the insulation of the positive middle joint box:
The middle connector of the cable connector box is too loose in the socket, the electric welding is not strong, or the raw materials of the connector are not properly selected, the connector is air oxidized, hot, and glued during operation. When making cable intermediate joints, the quality of the insulating layer agent grouted in the middle joint box does not meet the requirements. When grouting the insulating layer agent, there are vents in the box operation and the cable box is not well sealed, damaged and leaked Moisture, left and right elements can cause thermal breakdown of the insulation layer, short-circuit faults, and explosions and fires in the cable.

Short-circuit failure caused by the destruction of the insulation layer:
Maintenance of wires and cables The lead sheet is destroyed during laying or the insulation layer of the cable is damaged by mechanical equipment during operation, resulting in thermal breakdown of the insulation layer between the two colors of the cable or the lead sheet, and the resulting electrical isolation causes the thermal conductive material and the cable The thickness of the outer protective layer material ignites and catches fire.

Long-term load operation of the cable:
Long-term load operation, the operating temperature of the thermal conductive material of the cable exceeds the maximum allowable temperature of all normal hot, which makes the insulation layer of the cable become brittle and dry. This kind of problem of the brittleness and dryness of the insulation layer generally occurs on all cable channels. .
Because the cable insulation layer becomes brittle and withered, the thermal conductive material loses or reduces the dielectric strength and physical properties, so it is very easy to cause thermal breakdown and fire ignition, and even several places along the cable line will ignite and fire together.

The cable head is ignited:
Because the surface of the cable head is wet and dirty, the ceramic waterproof sleeve of the cable head is cracked and the two-color spacing of the lead wires is too small, causing flashover and fire, causing the insulation layer on the surface of the cable head and the lead wire to ignite.

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