How to avoid short circuit of engineering project cable?


During home decoration, the equipment engineering cable […]

During home decoration, the equipment engineering cables should be installed properly, and the regulations should be strictly implemented to plan and design the route as a whole. The regulations must be strictly implemented in all installation steps.
It is recommended to select professional welders to lay the lines to prevent short circuits caused by improper human factors. Even higher quality and higher specifications cables should be used appropriately. So how to avoid short circuits in engineering projects?
1. Regular physical examination on time
According to the expression of the outstanding welder, the electrical equipment route of the project cable should be maintained regularly in normal times, and the habitual, routine and reasonable inspection should be maintained, especially for the unique site, the set cable repair time should be strictly implemented , Please technical professional engineering project cable welders to check the electrical equipment route to prevent short-circuit of the cable due to external reasons.
2. Install compatible electrical switches
In many home decorations or industrial production indoor decorations, many engineering project cables are required. Outstanding personnel remind you that you must choose compatible and safe electrical switches, and you must choose reliable manufacturers that have better safety performance. High air switch.
If it is not a unique situation, there is no need to use a knife switch as much as possible, because it is not suitable for home decoration as a modern power switch. The knife switch will cause flames. The safety of the cable for the project is not beneficial, and it will The cable is short-circuited by other factors.
3. Avoid overload
According to the detailed introduction of the top engineering project cable manufacturers, standardized engineering project cables are also necessary safety index values. It is best not to frequently change or pull the cables that have been installed.
In particular, remember that you cannot add power-consuming equipment casually. When applying cables in engineering projects, you should strictly implement the application specifications and specifications and models to prevent the increase in the power load of all routes. It is very easy to cause problems when the power load is exceeded. Short circuit fault.

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