How to buy high-quality circuit materials


Circuit renovation in the renovation process, can be de […]

Circuit renovation in the renovation process, can be described as the important part, a little careless will cause inconvenience to life in the future, the electric conversion of materials used is small, but it can not be taken lightly, the purchase of a good note Good off, including wires, threading, switches, sockets, one less.

Selection of wires

In order to fire, repair and safety, the selection of the "GB" copper wire with the symbol of the Great Wall, wire slot area is generally: under normal circumstances, 2 × 2.5 to do the main line, trunk, 2 × 1.5 to do a single electrical branch, switch line . Single-phase air-conditioning with BVV2 × 4, reprovision dedicated ground. Wiring selection of green and yellow color line, then switch line (FireWire) with red, white, black, purple and any other. However, in the same home improvement project, the use of color line should be the same.


Threading selection

Flame-retardant PVC pipe threading applications, the surface of the tube wall should be smooth, the thickness of the finger required to reach the strength of pinch not broken, and should have a certificate. Can also be used for national standard galvanized pipe threading pipe.


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